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Ketosis is the process in which fat is used as fuel instead of the bodies primary energy source, glucose, resulting in a depletion of fat cells in the body leading to impressive weight loss and significant health benefits, listed below.

A ketogenic Diet has many benefits, including: Mental Clarity, Cancer Treatment, Migraine Relief, High Energy Levels, Diabetes Control, Reduced Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Reduced Inflammation, Reduced Risk of Heart Disease. 

To get into a Ketogenic state we need to exclude Carbohydrates from our diet, this means sweet treats, cereals, pastas, pastries and many more will have to make way for foods high in healthy fats like Avocados, fish and eggs - make sure to check what you're eating to avoid hidden carbs!

As a basic rule of thumb your daily calorie intake should consist of 30% Protein, 65% Fat and 5% Carbohydrate, don't be alarmed by the noticeably high fat percentage, this is not counter-intuitive it will help you get into Ketosis faster and it will be used as energy (instead of Carbohydrates). You should notice some changes as soon as 2-4 days after starting, such as tiredness and lethargy which is due to depleted glucose stores and is completely normal, it means you are very close to using fat as fuel! Other symptoms include: Slightly deeper/increases breathing rate which is a result of the body needing 20% more oxygen to break down stored fat cells and very, very mild flu like symptoms due to low energy. Don't give up, this passes and it means you are so close to entering Ketosis

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