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The Butchers Q Guild

Representing Quality, Skill & Craftmanship

What is the Q Guild?

The Q Guild is a Prestigious group formed of the best Butchers across the UK, recognising traditional Butchery methods, premium local meat and exceptional standards from farm to plate.

We are proud to be part of such a globally recognised collective, illustrating our dedication to uphold traditional and effective butchery techniques and excellent standards of craft and service, this is all thanks to our very hard-working staff and talented Butchers.

We believe in British which is why we source as much produce from within Norfolk as possible, which is why our Carcass Beef, Lamb. Pork and Game all comes from within Norfolk and is Butchered on-sight by our Specialist Butchers. All of our Beef is hung for at least 28 days to tenderise and allow for a deeper, intense flavour for an exquisite eating experience.

For more information please visit the Q-Guild website linked below:

the Difference

Support Local

Using your trusted local butcher has many unique benefits and guarantees freshness and quality every time.

Butchers take pride in their craft and source only the best quality produce from local reputable farmers, along with charismatic friendliness making for a great buying experience. By shopping local you are supporting not only a small business but a long line of independent, hardworking suppliers and farmers.

Support local or you will lose them.

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